Custom UI for Door Locks using REST

I was browsing this forum to see if this solution would fit my requirements:

Schlage Connect Locks - HA Integration Needs Attention

And while the intent is exactly what im after, the integration with the ISY994 as my ZWave controller is quite a bit different with regards to how the controller parses data. In short: I can do most of these functions with the REST API but need your help with getting the scripting done properly.

I need help building a UI that stores the input variables like user number [4 - 30], user code [4 digits] and the schedule as described in the post mentioned above, and put it into REST URL string that looks something like

http://username:[email protected]/rest/zwave/node/ZW006_1/security/user/[4-30]/set/code/####

Also how do I go about calling a variable from REST and displaying it within HASS?


will show me the battery level of my door lock but I dont know how to get HASS to handle that information and display it on a page as a percentage