Custom UI - icon color change

Confirm, color customization stopped working.

I found the same thing

From memory the .js filename had changed and I had to amend in my configuration.yaml and add -gpt to the path


Ahh cool, thanks! I can confirm that adding ‘-gpt’ to the .js file fixed it.

EDIT: Actually, I’m not sure if it worked or if I did it right. I just updated the resource in the ‘manage resource’ page of the dashboard. But when I go to HACS, it seems like it’s not loading customUI anymore.

I ended up checking in the www/community directory which is where hacs seems to update the files

In the customui directory, that’s where the file was renamed -gpt

I updated the resource path in configurqtion.yaml to match the renamed filename

The -gpt in the filename may be a pre release naming convention, as i chose in hacs to search for pre release version’s when i revently updated

Customizing names stopped working too.

Seems that plugin simply stopped being loaded.
Cannot find it in Code Inspector.
Always updated it by HACS.
Some person created this issue - but the plugin’s author decided to close it.

Not sure if it is related to changes in HACS.
Here is a test with some old version of HA & HACS: some previous version of Custom UI is loaded, and it is not loaded when updated to the latest one:

Seems that smth is changed in Custom UI which makes it more “capricious” than usual.

Update: seems that resource line in “resources” points to a file with an old name.

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So is there a fix for the newest beta not loading if installed through HACS or is there supposed to be a non-beta release that will fix it? Looks like the github issue was closed without a solution.

I have an icon i want to blink ( seeing it and not seeing it) when an entity is on. So it looks like an alarm.
I want this when some sensors in the house are not ok ( flooding sensor, open freezer ,etc)
How do I do this ? Is this also with state colour ?

you should check the topic on card-mod, which has a great overview listing of Ildars posts.

or, use some custom card that has this functionality built in, like custom:button-card

the custom resource custom-ui in this thread does not provide the functionality

ok, thanks. Found a way to blink :wink:

Probably it is better to post your solution here for other people).
Then mark this post as a “solution”.

This will blink the icon, but also the button…

you should set the animation to the icon only (if you want that) , but this is not the topic to do so. Check button-card, or indeed mushroom.


    - value: 'on'
          - color: green
          - animation: blink 2s ease infinite

does it for button-card

What I want is the button disappear when the entity is 0… indont really care about the button

That would be a simple type: conditional and has nothing to do with custom-Ui …

Hi there,

my shutter icons are purple - some updates before it was yellow and blue.
Is it possible to change the color?

yes, change the state colors in your theme, they are all in the form of:

    state-cover-closed-color: midnightblue
    state-cover-closing-color: blue
    state-cover-open-color: gold
    state-cover-opening-color: orange
    state-cover-unknown-color: slategrey

note: this has nothing to do with custom-ui, but is core HA Frontend and documented in the Frontend docs on theme variables

Here is a template to alter the color of battery icons more granularly than the HA colors red-orange-green. It sets icon_color: from 0xFF0000 thru 0x00FF00 based on the state.

      templates: &battery_color
        icon_color: >
            var r = Math.min(255, Math.round(510 - 5.10 * Number(state)));
            var g = Math.min(255, Math.round(5.10 * Number(state)));
#          return 'rgb(' + r + ',' + g + ',0)';
            var h = r * 0x10000 + g * 0x100;
            return '#' + ('000000' + h.toString(16)).slice(-6);

      templates: *battery_color


And with custom-ui / custom-ui-only the battery is even colored in the more info panel: