Custom voice commands with Google Assistant and HA

Hello to all, I am FjRamirez new to the HA community.

My first query is about Google Assistant. Let’s start …
I have my HA connected to my Google Home and I can see the devices there. (Connection locally without cloud). Everything ok

I want to be able to configure custom voice commands and tell Google home "Ok google, what is the best web?

And from that command, process it in HA.

I have solved this process with IFTTT and webhook, but I do not want to depend on IFTTT.

Is it possible to do this only with HA and Google?

I do not understand what is the purpose of the Google Assistant SDK add-on from HA.

The SDK is for building your own device with a microphone and speaker to implement Google Home functionality. You can usea raspberry pi instead of buyingo one of Google products. Or maybe you’re a device manufacturer and want to sell a sound system or TV that includes the Google Assistant… That’s what the SDK is for.

What you want is built in functionally:

You can either pay for the cloud service, or you can do a bunch of setup outside home assistant (and edit one of home assistant’s config files) so Google can talk to your home server. I recently got things setup using the free method (my home server already has a domain pointing at it, SSL proxy, etc). I still don’t know how to actually setup custom voice commands though.

Me too. Same question.
I would process all custom commands through HA (Hass.IO), 'cause I have multiple smartphone (multiple google accounts) sharing the same house. So I don’t want to use routines nor IFTTT because I should setup every command on each device.
And it should be so simple: “Open the Garage Door” instead of “Light on the Garage Door” (I need italian translations, but it’s the same)

He has not achieved what he was looking for. But as an alternative I have created a script and I have shared it with Google Home. In Google Home I have created a Routine that starts the Script.

Now when I say to my Google Home “Ok Google, temperature of the dining room”, this one answers me: “the temperature of the dining room is of XXºC”

It is a solution to what I was looking for.


Sample Script:

- service: tts.google_say
entity_id: media_player.comedor
message: “La temperatura es {{ states(‘sensor.average_main_temp’) }} grados.”
cache: false

Hello. I have multiple Google Assistants.
Is it somehow possible to get a reaction from the device talked to instead of assigning all TTS responses to 1 device?


Hi @fjramirez , I’m looking to try and ask my Google Mini “hey google, what is the current power price?”. I then want it to check a sensor I have in HA, which is giving the live price in c/kWh (ie currently the price is 18.74c/kWh).
I then want google to simply reply “the current price is 18.74 cents” or something like that.

I think this is fairly similar to your temp request, but I don’t know the very next step to achieve this. Do I need to link GA with HA?
I’ve found a walkthrough on how to do this, but would prefer not to pay $5 a month for cloud access. Do I need to do the long manual setup before I can proceed?

Thanks for any help in achieving this!