Custom Weather Card

Hi All

Wonder if anyone can help. Trying to add a custom Lovelace card. I have added this from HACS. It shows up in my resources


But when i add this my my config UI nothing happens. Does anyone know what i am doing wrong.

Below is what i am adding. I do not have dark sky is this the issue. I expected it to show the default card.

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  default_url: /local/animated-background/background-animations/sunny.html
  entity: weather.dark_sky
    sunny: /local/animated-background/background-animations/sunny.html
    partlycloudy: /local/animated-background/background-animations/cloudy.html
    cloudy: /local/animated-background/background-animations/cloudy.html
    mostlycloudy: /local/animated-background/background-animations/mostlycloudy.html
    clear-night: /local/animated-background/background-animations/night.html
    fog: /local/animated-background/background-animations/fog.html


Sorted was using the wrong URL

should have used /community_plugin/ and not /local/