Custom widget sensor with click ability

I’m finally getting into the swing of Home Assistant and have been setting up hadashboard to use on an old android tablet. It’s all going well, and no errors, but I’m wondering whether anyone has already created a custom widget that shows a sensor but also accepts clicking to then run a script. I’ve connected my Hive thermostat to Home Assistant and what I would like is a button showing current Boost State (plus time remaining if ‘on’), which when clicked would run the boost script I have (basically just turns boost on). I’m using the sensor widget and can show the state plus time remaining no problem, but how do I make it clickable?


what you want is only available on 2 widgets.
the sensor you got and a script widget to turn on the script.

i havent seen anything around that combines those functions.
off course when you have any programming skills available, you could combine the 2 widgets to 1.
all code is available, you just need to combine the code.

but thats only to get it in 1 widget, you can use 2 widgets beside each other and change the appearance so that it seems they belong together.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, unfortunately my programming skills aren’t there yet :grinning:

then i would suggest you use 2 widgets :wink: