Custome LED Lights hardware - but no support yet

Dear Home Assistant community, I come from a fhem background, yet I come in peace :wink:

Together with a few other users from the fhem community, we have created a very versatile LED controller that can drive RGB, RGB+Warm White, RGB+Cold White and RGB+Warm White+Cold White 12V or 24V LED strips.
The whole thing is based on, of course, the ESP8266. All the color stuff is being done on the controller, so it really expects little more than the hsv setting from the controlling system.
For fhem, we have an integration module that exposes the full functionality, and we’re trying to bring the same ease of use to other home automation platforms.
So here’s the thing: I would be willing to give a few controllers away to people who want to develop an integration for a home-assistant.
Sounds like I’m a shady salesman plugging my product and trying to get a free ride on developing software? No!
The whole thing is open source. You can get the hardware as well as the firmware on github

We have just completed a batch order of 1000 pieces from elecrow in Shenzen and, including shipping, we ended up at 11€ a piece, we could have possibly gone a little lower, but we wanted to make sure we are covered in case unforseen risks arise.

So: if anyone is interested, please let me know!
If anyone is interested in having their own controllers built, I’m happy to support, too.

kind regards,



do get a solution?