Custome UI Help

Hi All,

I’m trying to setup the custom ui planel in

So far I have followed the instructions and ran the which seems to have created the following:

~/.homeassistant/www/custom_ui/ -> state-card-custom-ui.html and state-card-custom-ui.html.gz
~/.homeassistant/panels/ -> ha-panel-custom-ui.html and ha-panel-custom-ui.html.gz

I have updated my hass config as follows:
custom_ui_state_card: custom-ui

But I can’t see the new panels in the UI. I’ve tried different browsers, clear cache etc. No luck.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

Did it eventually work for you?

To make sure you have downloaded the correct files you can use the script from the same repo.

If you just used the code you posted, the custom ui should load but you won’t see visual difference.
To make sure it has loaded look in Chrome Dev Console.


Yes I did get it working. I was expecting the UI to change with just the above changes as the documentation doesn’t make it very clear that you need to do extra changes. I didn’t realise that you had to add individual customizations for entities.

Finally figured it out.