Customization of state name

Hello there

Im all new in the Home Assistant universe and I finally had my Roomba configured to HA. However I noticed that the state name of “Full Bin” is either On or Off, which isnt very explaining…

Is there any way I can easily change “On” = “Full Bin” and “Off” = “Empty Bin”?


Thank you very much in advance

The actual state of a binary sensor is always “on” or “off”, but different device classes have “friendlier” frontend representations of those states. However, there are not currently any device classes that show as “Full/Empty”, so modifying the device class will not help in this instance.

There are a number of custom cards like Mushroom cards that allow templating, which could be used to have the entity’s state display however you want.

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Another alternative would be to create a template sensor.

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Another option would be to vote for this feature request:

Though after this long I doubt it will ever be implemented.