Customization of Title for "state-badge" within "Picture Element Card"(edited)

There is no way currently to manually set the title of a state-badge. The attribute title is for tooltip.

My request is that an attribute for tooltip is added which is the true tooltip and the current attribute, title, that can be customized, blank or user-defined text to display the name of the entity being displayed.

  - entity: sensor.yard_motion_sensor_light_level
    name: Yard
  - entity: sensor.bedroom_motion_sensor_light_level
    name: Bedroom
  - entity: sensor.kitchen_motion_sensor_light_level
    name: Kitchen

Are we talking about the same thing?

I am referring to type: state-badge

Do you mean an element inside picture-elements card?
If yes - suggest to rename the topic since it is absolutely unclear currently.
State-badge is a standard element present in any card to show an icon.

Yes, I do mean the picture-element state-badge. I wasn’t aware there were different ones. I will update. I also wasn’t aware that the others were similar in attributes as the one in question.

“State-badge” is a name of an element in HA frontend used to show an icon in UI (like in Entities card).
Also, “state-badge” is a name of an element inside Picture elements card.
And a similar element which may be shown on a top of a view is called a “badge”.
Agree, could be confusing.

Ok so I believe I have updated the topic and specified it clearly enough and hopefully its noted that the ability to change these items’ title is impossible and limiting.