Customize Area Card Buttons

It would be great to customize and/or select specific entities for the area card.

I have a 2 gang sonoff wall switch but my area card only generates 1 button for both light switches.

See the following required adjustments:

  • Optional auto grouping of buttons found in area
  • Select and deselect the found entities.
  • Carry over the entity icon
  • Add on/off state icon selection for any entity


The issue I have is that I have a smart plug to monitor energy use for a fridge.
I don’t want that to be ever switched off but it shows in the Area card for the Kitchen as a single easily accessible single-tap icon to spoil the food.

I’d love to be able to make that idiot-proof but instead I elected to remove the Kitchen Card from the family Dashboard.

I would add my grain of salt with temperature sensors. Since we can’t change, disable, or select an entity. In one of my Area Card, it says that the temperature is 100C, but that’s because of my OctoPrint server (3D Printer) temperature sensors. That “Area” is not that HOT! :slight_smile:

I would like the be able to force a certain type (switch/light/fan/temperature/etc) of sensor to a certain entity. Or set it to disable if we don’t want to see it. Or something like that…

Agreed the area where my geyser (boiler) is located also gets very hot :slight_smile:

Plus one for this. I use smart plugs to monitor power on a few things that never need to be turned off by accident!

Would be great! There’s not much choice now, the ability to select which entities from the area should be on the card would make it a lot more useful.

Can we add toggles to show/hide certain controls on area cards? For example, allow turning off the control to toggle all your smart plugs in an area card to prevent an accidental click from turning off everything in the room. That’s handy for the light control, but not so much when you accidentally click the power toggle and everything shuts off and needs to reboot.