Customize Bulb icon for RGB-CCT and power status off

Anyone have customize their bulb icon in Lovelace to match RGB-CCT bulb (RGB / Warm white / Cold White)?

I have many lamps/bulbs (Milight/MQTT) now that support full color including cold and warm white but with the actual default icon It doesn’t represent the actual color light status:

  • When the bulb is power OFF -> The default bulb icon is blue which can be confuse when we set the bulb in blue color.
  • When we set the bulb to white it doesn’t change the color bulb to white. Just ignore it and leave the last color select
  • When we set the bulb with different white color temperature it also doesn’t change the bulb icon. Leaving the last color selected.

So I’m looking if possible to have the following:

  • Bulb Off => Change the icon that represent bulb off (example: Bulb with oblique line a cross)
  • When setting the bulb to white, having the one icon that represent also the white temperature. (Example: Bulb with a W in middle and inside the color temperature from Blue for Cold white and orange for warm color)

Not sure if this can all be done in Customize.yaml?


So you’re using GitHub - sidoh/esp8266_milight_hub: Replacement for a Milight/LimitlessLED hub hosted on an ESP8266 and the bulb icon color is not updated? That’s strange. Have you set the state topic correctly?

You can use templating for icon; however, in the states view, with the icon being so small I don’t think it will be of any use. Instead I think Lovelace cards would do a better job to track the actual color, either the default card or some of the custom ones. I use GitHub - thomasloven/lovelace-color-picker for keeping track of a virtual MiLight bulb that updates all the lights that are on (I forward its state to a physical MiLight group). I use the custom card as I wanted the color wheel to be shown all the time even if the actual light that is being represented is off (vs. regular light that hides the color wheel when off).

Cards can be stacked (horizontal/vertical or combined ways) to save some screen real estate and also brightness slider and on/off buttons can be added to cards.