Customize default settings for all users and devices

I’ve been reading the documentation about default config, front end, custom sidebar and such and have not found yet a way to customize what Home Assistant adds to sidebar by default. Now that my number of integrations has grown it’s increasingly important to hide elements, and to keep non savvy family members from digging where they are not supposed to.

I know I can hide elements, but anytime any one of them logs into a new device or something, I have to hide/rearrange them again. Is there a way to make home assistant default to another than “Overview” lovelace and to not show certain things on sidebar?

The short answer is no.

the longer but less useful answer is there used to be a custom component for the frontend that allowed all of what you want and more but it was deprecated a while back and nothing in core has replaced the functionality.

It was called “Custom Header” by a user named maykar.

Even tho it’s deprecated I’m still using it and it works fine

so you might still be able to find it on the net somewhere still floating around and install it manually.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try tonight. Hope it works for me too, I’m kinda surprised there’s no official way to do this

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