Customize graphs

Hi everybody.

I just finished to setup my home assistant repo, it works great!
I have a Rasp with mosquitto and some switches/relays for normal light control and 2 DHT22 sensors (all connected using aduino and ESP8266).

Now my question: is it possibile to change the graph component behaviour?
For example change the zoom level, the time scale, …?
Even at config level, no need a real time feature.
Now the default is a 3 hours scale as x and …random …(? :smiley: ) as y.

Thanks guys for ur effort, really the best solution I tried!


Woudl certainly be helpfull to be able to select a custom timeframe (from day x to day y) or a different time scale.
What also would be nice is to have a larger popup. Currently it’s -depending on your screen resolution- pretty small. The graph would be better readable when it’s displayed in a larger popup.

There is not yet an option to customize graphs. For now, if you want more flexibility in viewing your data, you’ll have to use an external tool. You could interrogate the SQLite database yourself, or use the influxDB component: … d-grafana/

ok thz!
and happy New Year :wink: