Customize header request with JWT token to access HA

Is possible to send JWT token with pre-configured header request in the iOS app?


CF-Access-Client-Id: <Client ID> CF-Access-Client-Secret: <Client Secret>

Usecase is I’m using the Cloudflare Access and I would like to use service token which will bypass any authorization required by Access. More here.

This is not currently possible. There is a feature request for it which you can vote on.

I have good news - after some tests it seems even session on cloudflare access will expire somehow Home Assistant app remember notification settings and notifications still works.

Anyone found a workaround for this ? Working ok with IOS (With Auth0 instead of Google)

Here is an open PR for the Android companion app, let’s give this a like so it gets merged ASAP!

Does anyone know how this is going? Is there any chance it may be merged?