Customize lovelace entities history


Is there any way to customize the graphics or timelines that appear when I tap the entities in lovelace?
They always show last 24 hours. I’d like to select for example:1 hour for entities with many changes in a day or 1 week for entities with few changes.
I tried to change dates in global history, but it doesn’t make any effect in lovelace entities


The easiest way to do this is to replace the more-info card with your own using browser-mod: GitHub - thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: 🔹 A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player

You could replace the more info pop-up card with this Lovelace card that lets you choose the time to display for example:

Quick and accurate reply!

Now you’ve given me a lot of work to do

Thanks, I’ll try it

For the first approach I didn’t need config-template-card. The results are more than satisfactory:

        title: Internet
          type: vertical-stack
            - entities:
                - entity: binary_sensor.esp01_53_internet
                  name: Estado actual
                  secondary_info: last-changed
                - entity: sensor.internet_off_ratio
                  name: '% Desconectado últimos 10min'
                - entity: sensor.internet_off_count
                  name: Cortes ultimos 10min
              title: Estado
              type: entities
            - entities:
                - entity: binary_sensor.esp01_53_internet
              hours_to_show: 24
              title: Estado ultimas 24h
              type: history-graph
            - entities:
                - entity: binary_sensor.esp01_53_internet
              hours_to_show: 1
              title: Estado ultima hora
              type: history-graph

Thanks again

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