Customize text for the wunderground sensor

Have a sensor.pws_weather_1d_metric
This displays a nice icon for the weather conditions expected (in the circle).
What i am missing is the text underneath the circle. As it displays a friendly name of the sensor (which is day of the week) but i would like to display the state of the sensor. Wonder if that’s possible.
Does customize support templating? So i could put up something like
friendly_name: {{ states.sensor.pws_weather_1d_metric.state }}

I don’t see a way to get friendly_name to evaluate a template.
It won’t pass the config test if you put it customize. I even tried creating a new template sensor pulling the pulling the friendly name from the state of the other sensor, and while that does run, it just displays the template text in the UI, it doesn’t evaluate the template.

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