Customize.yaml troble

insteon first run found light.lamplinc_dimmer and put this in
light.lamplinc_dimmer_3a_5f_27: []

but trying to add my motion sensor i messed something up now it shows as
error when check config…

expected a dictionary for dictionary value @ data[‘customize’][‘light.lamplinc_dimmer_3a_5f_27’]

so what would be correct santax ??

and is there a way to get insteon to rerun the discovery as it did when first started


the customize.yaml is used to change the look and feel of the device for the user interface. What did you want to achieve by adding the light to this file?

a valid example for an entry is:

  friendly_name: Kitchen Light

thank you so much that is what i needed…

is there a way to get HA to rescan insteon to pickup added
motion sensor ???


i don’t have insteon so i can’t say that for sure, but the documentation says in the topic device overrides that you can manually add devices if they are not found during restarts.