Customizing Entities Individually by Components or Other

On my dashboard, I chose to rename my entities to generic names and then group them by room, like this:


So instead of “Living Room Temperature”, I see “Temperature” for the entity that is grouped under the “Living Room” group. I think it’s a cleaner UX.

But, then I lose the ability to distinguish properly between these entities in other areas, like the history or logbook components etc. I see, “Temperature, Temperature, Temperature…” etc. since I have multiple temperature entities

Anyone know if there is workaround to accomplish this? Goal being to keep my dashboard design but have more meaningful entity names elsewhere?

I share your pain. I had named a lot of devices for the room the device was in before I got started with HA and ended up with 8 things called Living Room. There is an entity_namespace that may help but I haven’t looked at the property closely.

Thanks for suggesting entity namespace Jay - I checked it out but would not help in my case.

The entity names are unique, it’s the friendly names that I create inside of HA that are not unique, and create a mess in other components/platforms if I organize my front end to display the way I prefer.

A possible solution would be the group component accepting friendly names unique to itself, or allowing other components like history to choose entity names rather than friendly names or vice versa.