Customizing entity on UI (Envisalink Honeywell Vista 20p panel)

Hello, I’m having trouble customizing the alarm keypad state entity name on a Glance card in the Lovelace UI. I’d like the entity to display “Alarm” as the name instead of “Home Keypad,” change the icon and the real zone name for faults.

HA reports “This entity does not have a unique ID, therefore its settings cannot be managed from the UI.” Also the status only reports “FAULT xx” vs the zone names that appear properly on another card elsewhere.

Envisalink 4, Honeywell Vista 20p panel.

Entity name: sensor.home_keypad

configuration.yaml (I don’t use customize.yaml, this is literally the extent of the customize section for me (for now.)):

      friendly_name: Alarm
      icon: mdi:alarm-bell

Card config:

  - entity: lock.side_door
  - entity: sensor.home_keypad
  - entity: cover.home
  - entity: sensor.smoke_detectors
title: Security
type: glance

Can’t edit:

Card looks like:
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 9.56.17 PM

How about adding a line with the name you’d like to see

  - entity: lock.side_door
  - entity: sensor.home_keypad
    name: Alarm

You should also be able to add a line for a different icon there.

But the text underneath the icon will still change in line with what your alarm display shows, i.e. if you have a few windows open it will cycle through all the messages.

I’ve set up a template sensor instead that shows me if everything is closed:

      value_template: '{{ states.sensor.home_alarm_keypad.attributes["ready"] }}'
      friendly_name: Ready to Arm?
      icon_template: '{%- if is_state("sensor.ready_to_arm", "False") %}mdi:lock-open-outline{% else %}mdi:lock{%- endif %}'

The names might be slightly different for you because my live HA instance is on a very old version and my Envisalink card only allows one login at a time - so I can’t link it to my V0.113 installation that I’m migrating onto.

Thank you! I’m not advanced enough for the template stuff yet, hopefully I’ll get there eventually… but I never thought about editing the card code itself!

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 10.32.36 PM

I have a few cases where some of the edits in the card break the option to continue using the Visual Editor - the tap-action in a glance card like this for example

1 type: glance
2 entities:
3   - entity: switch.gwave_office_1
4     tap_action:
5       action: toggle

results in this ‘error message’:
Expected a value of type {entity,name,icon} | entity-id for entities.0.tap_action but received {"action":"toggle"}.

So I cannot used the visual editor any more but it allows me to toggle switches straight out of the glances card.

Oh that’s a great way to save a bit of tapping! Thanks again!