Customizing images

Hi new member getting stuck.
I installed HA on my raspberry pi using the all in 1 installer, i followed the youtube video from Bruh Automation and set up samba and ssh. I got my devices set up with no problem but i am now stumped at customizing my devices with images.

I followed the video from Ben but my device images don’t change, i then thought that because i am using the latest version of HA his tutorial is outdated so i followed the customization guide on the HA site but my images for my devices still don’t change.

I have tried creating a “www” folder and put it in my home assistant folder and i have also tried the mdi:lamp method but still no joy. I have used yamllint and my context is fine, also my log shows no errors for customize.
Any help would be welcomed very much

Hi just an update, turns out i was doing everything right apart from when i was using notepad ++ i didn’t put the “customize” line in the exact space. Turns out i had to put it 2 red dots in and then it worked. Amazing what can happen when you take a break for a while lol

Story of my programming career right there. Glad you figured it out!