Customizing Media Entities

I’m trying to create a view for all my media devices, the main aim is to have the two following for all entities.

The issue that I’m having is, some of the devices automatically create, however, I have no control over them unless they’re already turned on.

I’m using the below config but removed the Sony KDL as it’s using PSK which keeps throwing up warnings.

### LivingRoomLGTV TV ###   
  name: LivingRoomLGTV
    service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
      mac: AA:11:BB:22:33:C4
      - livetv
      - youtube
      - makotv
      - netflix
      - plex
      - Game Console
      - HDMI 1
      - HDMI 2
      - Amazon Prime Video
      - WDMyCloud
      - Disney+
      - ITV Hub
      - All 4
      - My5
      - BBC iPlayer

### BEDROOM TV ###      
#  - platform: braviatv_psk
#    host:
#    psk: 1122
#    amp: True
#    android: True
#    sourcefilter:
#      - ' HD'
#      - HDMI
#      - youtube
#      - netflix
#    name: MyBraviaTV

I’ve tried adding the ‘media_player’ into the config with each entity, but I get another warning.
Can this be done?

You could use the custom mini-media card. It gives you much greater control over the appearance of media players:

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Thanks Tom,

I don’t think this will give the functionality to control the Media Source?
I currently have my Media Source set up for all my films/tv, I can just select that Media button and play, then swap casting to another TV if I like.

Yes you can select the media source.