Customs icons for control panel (menu bar)


How I can select custom icons other than material design?, I have some custom icons on config/www, but I don’t know how to select.

For other entities in cards I know how customice the icons, but not for control panel icons (menu bar).


I believe you would have to create a custom icons set from svg files (for example, like they did here), load it as a source, and then you can use them as myiconset:myiconname.

I have very little experience with js and HACS icons, but will be looking into how this can be done soon. It looks like you define all icons in a .js file as text (as you can copy each .svg file’s content as text), map each one to a name, and then you’re good to go.

Thanks prankousky,

But it seems very hard to perform…

But thanks,