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Cut internet connection using ArpSpoof

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As i was searching for a way to block internet connectivity on my kids mobile devices using Home-Assistant and without having to install application on it’ i came across this 2 articles.

  1. Cut Internet temporarily in a device in your LAN
  2. Disable internet to any device

both are good and working, but yet, something was missing. so i decided to take a bit from the first one an combine it with part of the second one and came up with very good solution that allows me to “kill” internet connectivity for multiple devices over the network and also undo it.

Yes, i know that using arp spoofing isn’t the best way of doing it and it makes a lot of noise in my local network but hey, it’s working.

so i wrote a howto guide that will simplify the process of doing that.

My Kids watch too much tv - not anymore!

Pretty cool - old trick too, surprised it still works but definitely fits a need I have, thanks!


Any idea why I’m getting “command not found” on the very last command?

[email protected]:~ $ sudo +s /usr/sbin/arpspoof
sudo: +s: command not found