Cutting LED Tape

Okay, this is probably a dumb couple of questions but I’ve never had to cut tape like this before so …

I have some LED tape, just regular RGBWWCW (thats a mouthful even with just letters) It’s not ws2811 or anything fancy, just pick a colour - the whole strip goes that colour tape.

What I think I need to do with one piece (already cut :cry: don’t look at me I inherited it this way !) is feed it from the ‘far end’ instead of the ‘standard end’. The reason I need to do this is it’s the right length but it’s been cut between “cut points”

Has anyone experience of this ?

Is cutting in the middle okay if you’re not connecting to that side ?
Can I power it (and the LED sink’s, they are negative PWM) from the other end ?


It depends on the tape but you can usually only cut addressable strips at the designated points.

Also these can only be fed data from one direction. There is a data-in (DI) and data-out (DO) direction on either side of the cut line. It can be fed power from either end (or the middle).

For PWM strips you can feed the channel(s) and power from either end (or middle). Cutting at non designated places would depend on the strip layout. i.e. where the current limiting resistors are, or if they are integrated into the LED package. It’s unlikely you will be able to do this without a dead LED or LED colour channel.

Yeah, it’s a pwm strip and from the circuit drawings I’ve looked at they seem to favour running 3 or more leds (even if they are in different smd’s) from the same feed before putting it though a resistor and then out to ground so I don’t think the final section (the one with the mid-cut) will work at all. The rest should be fine.

It’s not worth trying to save the 90cm cut I’ve got so I’ll just start again from the other end :cry:

I’ve done work with the ws2812b 's previously, so cut anywhere patch together as you see fit - as long as you feed the data the same way, that’s easy.

Thanks for confirming my fears :rofl: