Cycle Through WLED Presets - Start at beginning when end is reached

I’m looking for a way to cycle through the WLED presets. When the last preset is selected, I’d like it to go back to the first one. Its this second part that I’m stuck on. Ideally, this would be dynamic, so it would automatically adapt to preset changes.

Right now, I’m using an MQTT command with this string: “” I noticed that there is a method to cycle through presets in the documentation, but with this method, the number of presets is static and the command would have to be changed anytime presets are added or removed.

Thank you.

Assuming you have the wled as a device in Home Assistant you can use the service select.select_next to cycle through the presets.

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Thank you. That was surprisingly easy. While it may have been an obvious solution, you saved me a lot of time. Thank you.

Edit: Can’t find the “solved” button, but Kermit solved this.