D-Link DGS 1210 28p communication (POE ports)


I would like to communicate with my main switch (D-Link DGS 1210 28p) in particular to activate and deactivate the poe ports from home assistant.

In the documentation the snmp protocol is available and would allow communication with POE ports.
However, it is necessary to know the OIDs of the objects (POE ports) emplacement in the MIB tree in order to communicate with them.
However the documentation does not explain how to find them apart from the mask which is applied.

I found also a OID in the switch menu (LLDP Management Address Table).
But I don’t understand how to use it. (Is it the start(base) of all object OIDs ?)

From page 108 in the doc (114 in the reader)

I also read the SNMP documentation regarding the integration into home assistant but without success.

Has anyone faced this problem or knows how to deal with it or would use another protocol?


you need a mib file.
a mib file contains the description of the numbers used in the SNMP paths.

You can try to install a MIB browser like iReasoning MIB Browser and then do a tree walk from .1 to see the entire tree.
Then you can cahnge a few PoE ports and make the same tree walk to discover changes.
Problem is that it can be a huge tree on some devices and there might also be a lot of changes, so a mib file is just easier.
The MIB browser can load the mib file and use it to find the right path where you can then copy the number path from for use in the SNMP sensor in HA,

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Many thanks for your answer.
I’ve tried with success !!
In the main tree (.1), I was able to isolate the PoE ports OIDs and by making a status change from the switch interface, I was able to locate the id to change the status.

- platform: snmp
  name: PoE#3
  host: 192.168.x.x
  community: private
  baseoid: {PoE change status OID}
  payload_on: 1
  payload_off: 2

Thank you very much for the MIB browser indication !