D-Link DSP-W218

Has anyone out there tested the D-Link DSP-W218 Smart Plug, and specifically its capability to read power usage? Other D-Link smart plugs are supported, but only on/off.

I was looking at TP-Link HS110 otherwise, but the firmware issue alerts me a bit.

Seems like you got no answer… :frowning:
Have you tried it yourself? I’m interested in this and right now it has a really competitive price here in Sweden, but I don’t know if it works out of the box in HA…

I ended up ordering Shelly Plug S instead from their official website. It was very easy to get going and works great with HA.

Ok, thanx for the update. I was looking at Shelly as well, but the D-link is half the price.
But then I probably end up ordering some Shellys instead :slight_smile:

Tested to integrate DSP-W218 without success. Seems like W218 doesn´t have a unique id.

Has anyone figuured out how to (or if it’s possible) to integrate this device into HA?

The most promising seems to be do it via the D-link cloud API. Unfortunately not integrated in HA yet MyDlink Cloud Python API - #8 by comedido but a modification of python script example on https://github.com/ageof/MyDlink-API-Python does detect my DSP-W218.

import argparse
import logging

from mydlink_api.mydlink import MyDlink

if __name__ == "__main__":
    logger = logging.getLogger(None)

    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
        description="API to Connect MyDlink Cloud Devices")
    parser.add_argument('-e', '--email', dest='email', help='MyDlink email example maxm\
[email protected]')
    parser.add_argument('-p', '--password', dest='password', help='MyDlink password exa\
mple Start123')
    parser.add_argument('-pr', '--proxy', dest='proxy', help='Porxy Url with or without\
    args = parser.parse_args()

    mydlink = MyDlink(password=args.password, email=args.email, proxy=args.proxy, disab\

    device_list_json = mydlink.get_device_list()
    device_info_json = mydlink.get_device_details(mac=device_list_json[0]['mac'],

    logging.info("Hello world"+str(device_list_json[0]))
    logging.info("Device info:"+str(device_info_json))

and from command line

jarl@dacha:~/archive/dlink$ python3 example.py -e '[email protected]' -p 'yyyy'
INFO:root:Device info:{'mydlink_id': 'zzzz', 'device_model': 'DSP-W218', 'device_name': 'heat cable', 'verified': True, 'password': '', 'public_ip': '', 'public_port': '0', 'private_ip': '', 'private_port': '8080', 'auth_key': '', 'signal_addr': 'mp-eu-signal.auto.mydlink.com', 'online': True, 'fw_uptodate