D-Link WSP 110 Plugs

So I’ve got 3 of these plugs configured, and they do all work. However one of them nearly every other reboot gives me the following errors and doesn’t show up as functioning:


I know the config is correct, because the other plugs work, and this one does sometimes work. Its just really odd that my 2 other plugs work and authenticate fine everytime, but this one does not.

In the order of appearance in my config, it’s the middle of the 3 plugs. Could it potentially be trying to hit all 3 too fast or something? I’m grasping at straws here.

Well, it seems this has resolved itself after resetting the plug that was being stupid back to factory and rejoining it to my network. Who knew?

Update: It appears the devices may be rate limited or something. Today all 3 of my plugs went offline, and I was unable to log in with the admin credentials to their internal sites. I could get the login page, but it would deny me every time. Once I unplugged each plug from the wall completely and plugged it back in, they all show up fine.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of queries going to the devices?