D1 mini appears to flash but never comes online

I’ve tried a couple of different ways to flash a D1 mini for ESPHome.

I just used esptool and the .bin file I downloaded to flash. The flash appears to have been successful but it never goes online. My ESPHome dashboard continues to report it in RED and offline.

Even if I connect it directly via USB as if I’m going to flash it again it still shows the same offline status.

These same steps seem to have success when flashing the S2 and the ESP32 boards I’ve used this method with. The D1 mini seems to refuse to bind to ESPHome.

Any help would be appreciated.


Post your yaml and logs - formatted correctly, otherwise everyone will be just guessing.

The offline status is purely ESPHome trying to reach the device via the network.
USB is unrelated. Do you see any logs through USB?