D1 mini pro 2104 is not recognised via USB


I have programmed several ESPhome modules (b.e. Wemos D1) but now I bought some D1 mini Pro with external antenna ad they are not recoognised via USB.(current model D1 mini PRO CP2104 16 Mb external antenna). All other dis work fine.
Can there be a security issue from Windows? After 3 didn’t work I bought 3 from another supplier and they also are not recognised via USB.
Other D1 pro give a short sound when they are plugged in, this one is silent (6pcs)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

-try that battery switch on the side of the board (if present in your model).
-install correct driver for CP2104

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Thanks for the suggestion! Problem was different: I used a micro-usb charging cable. I tried 4 cables and they all seem to be only charging. With the right cable it works as it should… :neutral_face:

Common mistake. Bad luck with 4…
Good that you resolved!

Bin those cables now. Otherwise they will only come back to bite you again.

I just mark those cables with a “P” so it doesn’t happen again and use them only for OTA projects. :open_mouth: Oh I mean the letter P