D1 Mini unavailable 8 times in 10 minutes

I’m having issues with a D1 mini constantly going “unavailable”. Is it common for something to go unavailable this often? This 8 times in 10 minutes is an extreme case, it only happened 1 time on August 1st, not at all on July 31st, but 6 times on July 30th. But that still seems like a lot.

It seems to have a good signal strength. My WiFi is Google mesh WiFi, if that matters.

signal strength

What does the esphome log say?

What version of esphome are you running?

Running ESPHome version 1.14.5

Where do I find the logs? Other than leave the log window open in ESPhome for that device.

yes that, or use esphome on the commandline.

I solved my problem by buying a new router, I connected all ESPhome devices to a separate SSID. For 2 days I have never lost the connection. Previously, there were 20-200 connection losses per day.
Router is connected as AP and it is in the same subnet.
Guest AP I use for ESPhome only.