DAB+/FM radio recommendations (Europe/Denmark)

I am basically looking for a “grand dad radio”, i.e. a box with an areal, a speaker and some buttons that can play FM and DAB+ radio (maybe also mp3/internet radio). But as I am actually not a grand dad, I would also like to control the unit via Home Assistant automatons; start playing a preset station at a specific time, reduce volume when receiving a phone call.

I do already have a “frontier silicon” based radio, which I am not totally happy with (i guess the functionality also depends on the manufactures implementation), though I have found some useful posts around here. Anyway, I am looking to buy an additional radio for my workshop, so it might as well be one that is known to work (almost) perfectly with Home Assistant - any recommendation of a make/model (that is currently available in Europe)?

I am not interested in a big, fancy (and expensive) rack (small external speakers are OK though) or to build my own (I already have too many electronic hobby projects going on at the moment),

This could’ve been my post, today! Looking for the same thing - preferably with a CD player integrated aswel (but that’s not a must)

Did you ever found a device that suits your needs?

Woow… I’ve completely forgotten this old post :smiley: the sort answer is ‘no, I did not found the device I was looking for’ - but after having a closer look at/playing around with the FSAPI and my existing Frontier Silicon based device, I found out how to control the basic functions with simple http requests, which I put into some small shell-scripts, which then can be executed with the shell-command service in Home Assistant.
It’s not a super elegant solution - but it works well enough that I have stopped “actively” looking for a new device; I can turn of/off, select preset radio stations and control the volume by the use of ‘picture cards’ (where a ‘tap action’ call the relevant script) or in automations (e.g. lower the volume when I get a phone call, or turn on and slowly increase volume in the morning).
If you happen to have a Frontier Silicon device there are some documentation in the link below. I can also share some of my setup - but be warned; it is really messy :smiley: