DAB Pumps integration via DAB Live

At the moment, the DAB Pumps custom integration only supports data retrieval via DConnect, and as a result the subscription to DAB Pumps DConnect is a requirement ($20 a year).

DAB Pumps also has the ‘DAB Live’ app, which is free but not yet supported by the Home Assistant Integration.
At a recent planned service outage of DAB, all of DConnect Website, DConnect App and DAB Live App were offline for a couple of hours. That would potentially indicate that these services are internally based on one and the same backend data system.

I am very interested in investigating the behavior of DAB Live App to see if I can extend functionalily of the DAB Pumps custom integration to also support DAB Live next to DConnect.

However, my own pump (an ESybox) is not supported by DAB Live, so I am stuck with the DConnect subscription anyway. But also means I cannot do any testing with DAB Live.
Other commonly used pumps (for example ESybox mini v3) are supported on DConnect and DAB Live (but apparently not both at the same time).

I am looking for a volunteer with such a pump who is willing to share their DAB Live login credentials with me so I can investigate whether support in the integration would be possible. Whoever reads this and is willing to do that, please send me a private message via these community pages, or contact me via email ‘info at anko dot co dot nz’ to discuss.

Volunteer found who has DAB Live, but simultaneously also still seems to have a valid DConnect subscription. First tests look so promising that there is a good chance that DAB Live support will actually already work with integration v2024.03.9 (but not with versions before that).

Still seeking for a volunteer who has DAB Live but never subscribed to DConnect, to test the DAB Pumps integration with their DAB Live credentials (or share their credentials with me so that I can confirm this).