Dahua cameras via onvif integration, image colour saturation

Hi all.
I’ve searched for a solution but can’t seem to find anything related.
I have 8x 6MP poe dahua ip cameras connected to poe switch and each camera is connected to HA with the onvif integration.
Works great, i have all 8 streams each on their own grid card, they load up and show live streams relatively quick. All using substream 1 d1 resolution as it loads faster and is fine for viewing on the wall tablet.
What i have found is that when the stream loads and is live, the colour of the image looks overly saturated.
The initial image before live stream loads looks fine.
The image on the dahua NVR is fine, its only on the ha dashboard.
I did try the main stream and the picture colour is fine as it should be, seems to be only the sub streams that the colour saturation looks ordinary.
Screen shot is a comparison between mainstream (top) and substream 1 (bottom)
is this something i should be looking at the cameras image settings or is there something that can be adjusted in ha?

Interesting. I’m using 7x Dahua 4k (8Mpx) cameras and the ONVIF integration. I’m using a 1080p substream from each camera.

I don’t see any saturation shift. However, my camera streams are currently coming via my Dahua NVR, not direct from the cameras. This will be changing soon as the NVR struggles to rebroadcast even one stream (lots of ffmpeg errors).

While it is likely the D1 transcoding at fault in your case I’m pretty sure there are no per sub-stream image settings (other than bitrate and frame rate). Have you tried the next highest substream resolution that maintains the correct aspect ratio?

hi tom, thanks for the quick reply.

I too shifted away from the cameras plugged directly into the nvr as i was experiencing the same issues as you and also the nvr would lose all cameras direct connected on reboot of the nvr. Yet with all the cams now all through a poe switch then to the nvr, cameras retain in the nvr on reboot… go figure.

The saturation issue only appears on the 2 sub streams, the main stream is fine.
I’m avoiding using the mainstreams as they take too long to load and stream.
substream_1_d1 works great besides saturation.

D1 is 704x576 which is fine for my needs.
If i need hd, its generally after an event and ill be viewing it locally on the nvr anyway.

I feel this is something i will just have to live with. not the end of the world but it does bug me slightly.

So just as a test, on one of the cameras select the next higher up substream resolution and see if it suffers the same saturation problem.

sorry i forgot to mention in my previous post.
I did change substream2 to 720p and the image was fine, but load times suffered.
I could tinker with fps and encoding and see if i can find a happy medium.

So it seems any resolution below 720p seems to suffer the weird saturation issue.
I will continue to tinker and post my results if i find something that works nicely.

Thanks tom

Yeah that definitely points to the D1 resolution transcoding.