Dahua/EmpireTech IP camera - Need HA/Frigate/Scrypted help

I’m new to IP cameras and got an Empiretech IPC-T5442T-ZE (Dahua). I’m running HAOS (Proxmox VM on an Intel i5-1240P), and stood up an Ubuntu VM that will host the Frigate container. The Frigate VM will have a PCIe passthrough Coral and maybe GPU too. I have a few use cases:

  1. Motion activated video clips (will be in the garage) recorded to Frigate VM storage
  2. Live stream viewable in HA on a dashboard
  3. Use Scrypted for Homekit integration - hopefully motion alerts there too. It’s already running in a LXC for my Ring doorbell.
  4. Very limited NVR functionality. Maybe 72 hours, tops, of recording. My Proxmox server will have a spinning NVR class 2.5" 2TB disk for recordings.

I’m confused about how best to architect this solution. I did use the HACS Dahua integration to get the camera into HA and got motion alert sensors that work. But between Frigate and Scrypted, I’m not sure how best to route/re-broadcast the video in the most efficient manner possible. Plus I’m unclear about the best IPC video settings in the Dahua app.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Let me confuse you further. Frigate uses Go2RTC. You should likely use output video streams from Frigate Go2RTC to send to scrypted. Im not familiar with scrypted

In frigate config, your cameras setup for Go2RTC and Go2RTC restream is used for frigate recording stream. Camera low res substream in typically sent directly to frigate detect stream

The Frigate docs recommend against this

Frigate runs best with docker installed on bare metal debian-based distributions. For ideal performance, Frigate needs access to underlying hardware for the Coral and GPU devices. Running Frigate in a VM on top of Proxmox, ESXi, Virtualbox, etc. is not recommended. The virtualization layer often introduces a sizable amount of overhead for communication with Coral devices, but not in all circumstances.

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I appreciate the warning, but that’s the path I’m going down.

@DuckDuck25 - any solution? My preference would be notifications from frigate itself, but unfortunately that is not supported. I’m using HA notifications to little success (seems to fail after a few days). I’d rather just use scrypted as well which has been basically bulletproof as far as stability & homekit.

I dont use scrypted to record, i do 24/7 mon with Surveillance station and really just need notifications from Homekit/scrypted to ding me and ideally send a pic.