Dahua IPC-HDBW4431E-AS detection tempering and movement detection

in this Dahua camera there are a lot of features like detection (detection tempering and movement detection)

is it posible to make a Dahua platform like the Netatmo?
this would be nice.

if there is a way to do it now i would like to know,

thank you

ps. At this moment even the video stream is not caprured (H.265) plz. help

I have a dahua camera but through a hcnvr box which appears to have similar software. I integrated it through the email alarm. When there is movement, it sends an email to a gmail account and HA picks up that email as a movement sensors.

page 65.


Thank you for this awnser.
this will work, but im trieng not to get out of my own network.
if internet fails, i still want my lights to work and i want to see what is happening in my back jard.

I have relays on the back of the Hvncr box, your camera might have the same which can trigger on movement.


Relay out Enable alarm activation function. You need to select alarm output port so
that system can activate corresponding alarm device when alarm occurs.

This is what I do with my Dahuas: