Dahua VTH5341G-W very slow with Home Assistant app o4 web

Hello ,

I have an android device that is too slow.
Is there a way to make a lighter display to view and control devices on HA with this device?


Hi Zejulio,

what app have you installed? where do you find the .apk? I want to try design a very light dashboard through appdaemon tool basic on web.


I have downloaded the aptoide on my PC and copy to SDCARD and then placed on the VTH and installed there.
I had no issues installing the apps, only that they all run veryyyyy slooooooow and sometimes the system say’s the App stop working, cause they are sooooo slooow that the system thinks it’s not working…
I also want to use a very simple app, maybe some MQTT dash or something, just to turn off/on some lights, and simple stuff like that.
I still did not have time to dig further, I’m also thinking of developping my own app with simple squares that I can push and send MQTT commands to HA, maybe this will work, I dont know…
I also do not like the main screen of the VTH, it has too much space used with the interal “alarm system” that I don’t use, maybe I’ll develop other home screen with some other options on the place of the alarm panel… I need time that I don’t have right now :slight_smile:

Thanks Zejulio, I will research around this information. I will share with you my progress.

thanks again!!

Great, if I can help I’m glad.
I also need to get more power from that machine, but still did not have time to do it, if you make progress please let me know!

this is a old topic but interesting.
do you make some progress?
the apk home assistant not launch in my test. and i try a light web browers but not start the home assistant dashboard :frowning:

i reply with my progress.
The only browser that open the home asistant web interface is “brave browser”.
I download it in apkmirror, and works fine, not fast but works!!!