Dahua VTH5341G-W with Home Assistant


I’ve just bought the Dahua VTH5341G-W it cames with Android 8.1 and I was expecting to be able to use Home Assistant on it.
It has Rockchip PX3 4 core with 2GB RAM 4GB ROM with 1.4GB used.
I’ve installed Aptoide and then Home Assistant and Firefox (unable to find Chrome yet…) and with HA app it’s terribly slow to open and use, with Firefox is not that bad, but also very slow…
Any idea on how to make this work?
I even created a lovelace card with only a few switches, and a user that only see that dashboard to see if it’s faster, but its a little faster, not a big deal…

Should I return the unit or is there a hope to use it?
Anyone has experience with this unit?


Julio Silva


I have the system but in my case the app show the error “home assistant has stopped” when I try to open it. How did you solve it?

I also have, but having the same problem

Still have no solution for this. I like the unit, but it’s very slow for this…
I’m looking for an alternative POE android panel so I can replace this…
If anyone found please let me know!

I settled with a web page from Brave browser. It work well enough.

Are you using brave browser to show home assistant on this device and works ok?

Try to use the HomeHabit app, it works great on Dahua VTH5341G-W

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