Dahua VTO + Fingerprint and Nuki Lock


After having used a HOOBs setup for a year or so, its time for me to start with Home Assistant. One of the reasons is, i bought a Dahua VTO4202F 3 module box with the camera unit, doorbell button and the fingerprint reader. Im looking for a device that i can hook up to the NC/NO (Normally closed) ports on my intercom, that triggers my Nuki lock after i swiped my finger over the reader. Do i need a binary sensor for this? Can i configure a shelly uni in this way?


Hi, is there someone who can help me with this? At this moment i have all the hardware and Home assistant up and running. (Dahua VTO, Fingerprint and NUKI 2.0 lock and bridge) The Dahua intercom is having the following: COM, NO, NC (max 24v). Also a 12v output. Which device can i connect to NC and COM, that works in Home Assistant that can trigger my lock to open?

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I have the same hardware as you (Dahua VTO4202F and Nuki) and wanted to do the same thing.
On principle, we have an integration for Dahua and Nuki, so it should be possible to retrieve the unlock event from the Dahua VTO and send the instruction to unlock to the Nuki.
So there is no need to have an additional device ?

Hi, what i did is, bouth a Nuki FOB. Opened it, and solderd 2 wires on the button. connect the wires to NO on the intercom and it works.

It is a bit “brute force” approach, but at least it works :grinning:
I’ll try to go with the software approach and if I failed, I’ll go with the hardware hack !

What software approach are you thinking of? I want to switch to software as well. Maybe we can work this out together

I haven’t started yet (I don’t have yet the fingerprint reader) but here are what I found.

Dahua integrations:

Nuki integrations:

I think we should have everything we need


I have the same setup and no HA integration worked for me. @dnaxtreme 's solution (and some other) brougth me to an approach that works for me. I wanted to post this here because I found this topic here and it helped a lot, but I still had a lot of tinkering to do which was fun but anyway…

This does not only work for the fingerprint reader but should work for all other options like PIN reader or NFC tag reader. And with this setup you can open your door using the Dahua app and also VTO intercom tablets.

The VTO will output to pin 13 what you feed it with in pin 14 when it wants to unlock the door. I feed this to my shelly and open the door via HA/Nuki. Here’s a step by step guide.

You need a shelly1 which supports 12V DC.

  • You move shelly’s jumper so that it is in 12V DC mode.
  • You connect shelly + (N, yes N = +, L = - in DC mode) to the VTO 12V+
  • You connect shelly - (L) to the VTO GND
  • You connect the VTO Pin 14 (DOOR_NO) to VTO GND
  • You connect the VTO Pin 13 (DOOR_COM) to shelly SW
  • Make sure you configure NO as Door contact type in your VTO configuration (Local Settings → Access controll settings → Local)
  • Turn on the VTO to configure your shelly:
  • Configure “Toggle switch” as button type
  • Since by default the communication between shelly and HA is slow, you need to enable CoIoT in your shelly and configure your HA’s IP adress.

Then I created an automation in HA to open my nuki when my shelly turns from off to on.

I will also add an Aquara door sensor to the VTO’s case as tempering sensor so that I can disable the automation because right now someone just needs to open the case and short the shelly to open the door :smiley:

@thermostat I hope after 1.5 years this is still of value for you. Have you found another solution yet? Anyway I hope someone else will find this in the future to avoid the struggle I had the last 2 days :slight_smile: