Daikin AC NOTSUPPORT (missing climate controls)

Hi All,

Just having some issues with my new Daikin HVAC Unit. I have the Airbase adapter (BRP15B61) and when discovering it shows as NOTSUPPORT and is missing the climate controls. However the Zone control and indoor temp are showing up.

I am unsure how to manually configure a climate in yaml in the newer versions of homeassistant so if that is a troubleshooting step I would appreciate some guidance on that.
I have reloaded the integration with no luck and rebooted HA.
I could not find any errors similar to showing as NOTSUPPORT under device info, it should be supported according to the documentation for the integration.
Any advice?

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Did you resolve this?

I’ve just updated my Home Assistant to 2023.6.1
Supervisor 2023.06.1
Frontend 20230608.0
It has been working perfectly until this latest update, I’m using the same adapter as you BRP15B61.
Nothing wrong with the adapter, as it is still working with the Airbase app, and I also have it working in Homebridge and it is still working in Homekit.

I have sorted it, the entity name changed, for me it is now entity: climate.ducted
I updated that in my dashboard and its working again.