Daikin Component - Can advanced mode be added?

Hello, I just installed the Daikin Component and there is a couple of control that i really wish could be added.
Two of theme, air purifier and turbo/powerfull seam to be “advanced mode”, i can see them in the adv field of the /aircon/get_control_info page. (13 for the purifier and 2 for turbo)

I’m also looking for the ‘comfort’ and ‘Intelligent eye’ option but could not see it in the api for now.

Sadly the python library is fully undocumented and i couldn’t try it manually.
I am hopping @fredrike (i hop it’s OK to mention you) could help, but i don’t know if this “adv” field have common value for all device, or if the same number could mean different thing on 2 device :frowning:

Last idea would be an ir blaster, but it would be sad to do so with a wifi heatpump :smiley:

So if anyone have some easy demo code for me to try, or can help me get more info, i would really appreciate. I am not a dev but i can at least try to put something together.

There have been a PR to support advanced modes, I’m not sure what happened to the code in HA though.

i have look into it, and i might be able to “add” my advanced feature to this PR. Sadly since i don’t seam to be able to create a simple appliance object outside of HA to see how they are called, it look like i’m stuck.

Would you have any simpler code example than what is present in HA Component ?

Have a look at this: Bitbucket

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everything have actually been done code wise, i’m sorry for bothering, async and “coroutine” was something i never needed/encounter.
If i may bother you one more time, do you know anything about the “comfort” and “Intelligent eye” feature ? i didn’t find it on any api page i could find, but maybe i once again didn’t look right.
Else i maybe could try to setup something to do packet capture … I’ll need to look into it

Unfortunately no. My Daikin unit support those modes but not via wifi, only by the use of the remote.

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@fredrike Is this still the status quo or are there already enhancements in the API from daikin, esp. perhaps after the last FW updates so this could be added to the adapter?

Can you set those modes via the official app?

In that case it would be possible to support it, we just need to find the right command.

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Unfortunately not. At least, I wasn’t able to find it. One of the reasons, that it would be great to close this gab via pydaikin/HA, because I hoped that it is in the API already or in the meantime, because …

I reached out to the Daikin support for including this in their app as well, but they didn’t even know, that these modes exist in their hardware. Or that the swing mode can be set in the app or that … Completely clueless there.