Daikin 'discovered' by Samsung TV - Zigbee? Z-wave or something else

I have been meaning to get either the wifi adapter or the Faikin ESP32 for my Daikin. We recently set up a samsung TV, and the “smart things” on it asked if I wanted to connect my Daikin air conditioner. I did and it controlled it just fine.

I tried doing a scan of Zigbee and did not discover it, then I tried adding the integration for Z-wave but ran into problems.

I searched around on line but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any idea how my TV knew it was there? Was it Zigbee, Z-wave or something completely different???

What model Daikin?

As far as I know they only have wifi adaptors. No zigbee or zwave.

You should visit the SmartThings forum. Home Assistant is totally different home automation platform, so you won’t get much help here.

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I know they are different. I want to bring it into my HA. If it has some sort of communication on board, then I will attempt to bring it in, I just need to know what it is.

That’s a Daikin Cora. It is a supported model.

You can use the HA integration: