Daikin entity internal temperature cannot be used as sensor

Hi i have installed daikin and it works correctly, but i need to use its temperature sensor to trigger automation. Developor > Entity > daikin internal temp says this :

Daikin Coworking Space Inside Temperature


State attributes (YAML, optional)
state_class: measurement
unit_of_measurement: °C
device_class: temperature
friendly_name: Daikin Coworking Space Inside Temperature

Putting the sensor in automation with any of the attributes would throw

Daikin_Coworking_OFF' trigger: In 'numeric_state' condition: entity sensor.daikinap_inside_temperature state '°C' cannot be processed as a number

I’ve tried creating template like this but still no luck


  • sensor:
    name : “Coworking_temp”
    value_template: “{{ state_attr(‘daikinap_inside_temperature’, ‘current_temperature’) }}”
    unit_of_measurement: ‘°C’
    friendly_name: ‘Coworking_temp’
    state_class: measurement
    device_class: temperature