Daikin Onectra integration


I’ve got 2 Daikin ACs and at the moment I control them using the Onecta app (previously Daikin Residential Controller). I know there’s an integration for this (GitHub - rospogrigio/daikin_residential: Cloud control of Daikin devices that are supported by Daikin Residential Controller app.), but in the Issue Tracker I find issues like this: Problem Vacation Mode · Issue #61 · rospogrigio/daikin_residential · GitHub (I often use Vacation Mode). That’s why I’m wondering:

  • Who is using this integration? Are you satisfied with it?
  • Are there certain caveats? Vacation Mode or scheduling?
  • Did you have any issues that you needed to reset certain components (both HA and Onecta)?
  • Do all the basic features work or are there things missing?
  • What climate cards can be used with it?
  • I assume you can use both the HA integration and the official app together? Is the information always up to date?

Thanks in advance!

Been using that integration for over two years. Works fine. All of the climate cards I have tried have worked fine. Don’t use vacation mode though - everything is controlled by HA. The app is only used for firmware updates and changing the settings if HA isn’t available or when there is a service and they want to use the app.