Daikin reversible climate scheduler - Winter period at home / away switching with several schedules per room/day

Hi All,

I would like to be able to have several schedules per room for my Daikin reversible air conditioners.
For example:
In winter, when we are at home:
Room 1: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11pm>8am: heats 18 silent fan. 8am>11.30am: heats 19 silent fan. 11.30am>6pm: heats 18 silent fan. 18h>23h: Heater 19 silent fan
Room 1: Wednesday, Friday: 11pm>8am: Heater 18 silent fan. 8am>11:30am: Heater 17 silent fan. 11:30am>6pm: Heater 18 muffler. 18h>23h: Heater 19 silent fan
Room 1: Saturday, Sunday: 11pm>9am: heat 18 silent fan. 9am>5:30pm: heat 17 silent fan.
muffler. 5.30pm>11pm: Heater 19 silent fan

Other time slots for other rooms (9 in total)

Then, activate a Winter mode - not at home, where all rooms would be heated all day at 15°C.

With nielsfaber’s Scheduler I can program all the rooms with all the days, but I can’t see how to schedule the Winter - not at home mode and switch from one mode to the other with a simple button.

Do you have any advice?

Thanks and regards,