Daikin stylish airco compatibility

I’m looking for a aicro that can work with home assistant.
I have seen the daikin stylish for this, the FTXA35BB.
It has build in wifi and app control. But i don;t know if this works with HA.
I have seen the daikin integration for this, That it has a couple of known works wifi modules.
But this is something that you normaly add to the airco, (plug in or connnect to it) its a seperate box.
But the stylish mode has “build in” wifi, so i don’t know if it just the same wifi addon module or something else.
Does anybody known if this stylish model works with HA?

I have call a couple of supliers for this, found one that could tell me this model used the wifi module: BRP069B41, but im reading also about some problems with the API from daikin, can some confirm that the module is working?

I’m also curious. The summer is coming. and I also want to buy a Daikin AC. But I do want it to work with HA.
so following this topic.
At least I found out that the: BRP069B41 and BRP069B45 are “build into” the AC. the other three versions are placed outside on the wall.

I can confirm that it work with ha… I have 2x FTXA35 + 1x FTXA25 and Daikin integration work without problems… My have BRP069B4x modules…

I received my unit today, where can I see which module it contains, it’s in side the indoor unit, but where?

You can see it inside ONECTA app when you have working AC… I think you dont need to worry and it will work…

I can confim that this works, had it installed and added to HA without any problem:
Part number is: Daiking FTXA35BB/RX.
Local connected, no account need from diakin, and no cloud.