Daily cost monitoring (Live Calculation?)

I’m seeking help on my first ‘need’ to do calculations in YAML. New to HA, and it being years since I’ve done any coding, I’m a bit intimidated. I could use help in setting up a calculation of the daily energy kWh’s accumulated by a number I supply.

I can get that reading from my Emporia Vue2 energy monitor directly. BUT, if I restart HA during the day (as I do a lot as I get more involved), that reading resets to begin the day’s reading at the time HA was restarted/rebooted.

I’ve managed to create a Utility Meter helper that doesn’t reset unless the day rolls over. Far out.
Now I’m at a wall on how to calculate that sensor’s kWh with a number, just to have that displayed in a dashboard. However that is to be accomplished, I’d need a pretty elementary walk through (what to do, where to do it). Not storing of data, rather a live calculation.

I feel it’s asking a lot. But I’m awfully intimidated with diving into YAML, and getting over this hump will go a long way for me.


I managed to get the cost display in a dashboard NOT to reset the day usage to 0 (when system reboots) with another Utility Meter helper.