Daily energy sensor wrong values

I’m trying to integrate an energy sensor from my Victron Smart Shunt via an ESPHome.

The original data from the sensor “chared” and “discharged” are corret.
Examples here show the charge sensor, the behavior for the discharged are the same
Screenshot 2024-05-21 145327

I then created an daily reset sensor:

    source: sensor.esp_smart_shunt_charged_energy
    name: ESP Smart Shunt daily charged
    cycle: daily

And this puts out at some times realy realy big energy jumps, and I have no clue were its coming from.
Whats really odd to me is, that first the values are correct, and then are these big jumps.

Also, when I add the original sensor.esp_smart_shunt_charged_energy to the energy dashboard. It gives me this crazy numbers:

Also here are the dev values:

I really would like to get this working. Maybe you guys could help me :slight_smile:

Ok investigating further, I found that my original sensor got some very big spickes.

Ok it seems like a faulty sensor here.

I used a template sensor to calc charge and discharge with the Amps and Volts to build my own