Daily or hourly Weather Forecast doesn't get updated


Hi, I’m pretty new with HA. I run currently HA on a raspberry PI (fullpageos version) in a kiosk mode. The current weather in the “weather forecast card” gets updated from time to time but not the forecast on daily or hourly basis. Does someone has a hint how to fix that?

      - show_current: true
        show_forecast: true
        type: weather-forecast
        entity: weather.weather_at_8610
        forecast_type: daily
        name: Niederuster
      - show_current: false
        show_forecast: true
        type: weather-forecast
        entity: weather.weather_at_8610
        forecast_type: hourly
        name: Nächsten Stunden

You didn’t mention what version of HA you’re on or your weather integration. With 2024.4.x the older method of getting forecasts was removed, so if you’re on that version, both your card and weather integration may need to be updated to work with the new method.

I’m running home assitant OS:

  • Core: 2024.4.3
  • Supervisor: 2024.04.0
  • Operating System: 12.2
  • Frontend: 20240404.2

And I use GitHub - izacus/hass-swissweather: HomeAssistant module for MeteoSwiss

You mentioned I have to do an update. Is the weater-forecast not a part of Core and automatically updated? The weather integration is currently 1.0.3 which is the newest.

Thanks for your support.

The weather functions are core, but each Weather addon has to be updated to use the new functions. It looks like the weather addon you are using is installed through HACS, so it is not part of core and likely needs to be updated. You’ll need to contact the developer for that weather addon and ask for them to update it.

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