Daily rebooting

How can I figure out what is causing my homeassistant to become un reachable, along with addons such as mosquitto broker, etc (seems like its rebooting) every day at a specific time. Although glancing at logs I cannot see anything specific and VERY odd it happens at same time each day

upon checking “uptime” via ssh the host is actually rebooting and not just the containers restarting/crashing or similar

What hardware and what time?

rpi 4 4gb and about 8:10 PM PST every day…Very odd

Raspis, and especially RPi4, are quite sensitive to power issues.
This can be issues where connected hardware, like USB sticks, USB drives and active fans require too much power from the internal circuits and it can be issues where the is small drop outs in the power delivered to the power supply unit.
What hardware have you connected to the Raspi and are you using a powered hub to provide power for that hardware instead of drawing it from the Raspi.
Also what else is starting up around that time in your house hold? Someone taking a shower and kicking off the boiler, which then sends a power drop or surge out on the grid?

pi 4 is in a argon40 ONE v2 case, running off a m.2 ssd. Only thing plugged in is a conbee2.

Mind you this setup has been like this for over a year plus and never had these rebooting issues until sometime after finally getting around to updating to the latest HA and getting everything up to date.

Also to note the power supply is a good canakit 3.5amp with noise filter.

Nothing specifically going on around the household at this same time each day either so thats what makes it even more odd. BUT like CLOCKWORK today ( just less than 20 minutes ago) @ 8:10 it rebooted again. Starting to notice it more now caues after it happened a few times I threw a uptimekuma monitor on it (from another server) so now daily been getting the alert when it goes down and comes back up.